Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec 31 - I DID IT!!

Woohoo!!  I did it!  I made it 366 days!!  I almost gave up several times, but so glad I didn't!!  Woohoo!!  Maybe I should start a weightloss blog so that I'd actually stick to the weightloss....Nah!
Last supper of 2012!  I worked until 6:15pm and it was a crazy busy day!!  Dwight called to see if I'd pick up pizza and chicken for supper!  Great idea!

It was great sharing this year with you.  Well, the 5 of you that followed my blog anyway.  Thanks for making me stick with it and checking it out and being patient with me when it took awhile to update.   But I am done!   I won't be doing this again for 2013, maybe the year after.  With my new camera I may upload some cool shots, if I get any.

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