Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sept 22

Dwight couldn't believe Carter's spelling words.  That baby boy of mine is one smart cookie!

Sept 21

I have wanted a tattoo for years and finally took the time to get one, or actually 2.
Hope you didn't fall off your chair Mom!!  Dwight and I both love them.  The boys were disappointed they weren't skulls.  lol

Sept 20

Can't believe how many Sears catalogs we get in the mail.  But they are fun to look through, maybe I'll find some cool boots.

Sept 19

Cheap pizza.  But always have to get two.  I like thin crust, the boys like thick.

Sept 18

I'm going to try to read this book.

Sept 17

Man, we really don't eat a lot of junk food but this month seems pretty bad.  lol
Saw halloween chocolate bars at Co-op today. 

Sept 16

French Vanilla Cappacino, why do I love you so?

Sept 15

The boys were so disappointed the jello cookies were gross I made them our usual chocolate chip ones.  mmmmmmm much better.

Sept 14

Jello cookies.  They look so cool, BUT they are eye twitching sweet.  Yuck.  Carter wouldn't even eat them. 

Sept 13

New shingles on the roof.  I am gonna need a second job.  Yikes!

Sept 12

The boys favorite chips.  Salt & Vinegar for Carter, Sour Cream & Onion for Colby.  Carter's will be finished in one day, Colby will take several days to finish his chips.  And no, they don't share with us.  lol

Sept 11

Just finished this book.  Not bad, not excitingly great though either.

Sept 10

A week or so ago I finally got contacts.  Not too happy just yet....darn astigmatism!!

Sept 9

Once again making several suppers at once.  After it's done it's wonderful, but a lot of work now.

Sept 8

Wine, cheese and crackers on a budget!!  haha

Sept 7

First full day of school!!  Carter Gr. 2 and Colby Gr. 4.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sept 6

Looking like a lush here!  This is a red.  Not bad, not my favorite though. 
And no, I don't drink a whole bottle in one day.  These 2 bottles will last at least 2-3 weeks if not more. 

Sept 5

White wine test bottle.  ;)  I really like this one.

Sept 4

The boys wanted another cake as we has soooo many kids at the party there was no leftovers.  I let them 'decorate' it.  Colby on the left, Carter on the right. 

Sept 3

Today I tried strawberry beer.  1 word...YUCK!!  Oh my was is gross.

Sept 2

As you saw on Carter's cake he wanted LOTS of sprinkles.  Black, green or orange, he wasn't sure.  So while we were in Winnipeg, Brenda and I went to Bulk Barn and I bought a "scoop" of each color.  Well, it was MORE than enough (thank goodness it was cheap).  I mixed them all together and put them in a container.  Carter is more than happy to add these to his oatmeal...

Sept 1

Two of the guiltiest faces I've ever seen!  lol

Aug 31

Jawbreakers the size of my hand = kids paradise!

Aug 29

I feel like I'm always paying for something.  Today it's the babysitter.

Aug 30

My baby is 7 today!!  Happy Birthday Carter!!  I love your sense of humour!!

Aug 28

Can you possible guess who crafted a boat, then needed to test it and see if it was strong enough to hold up a rock?

Aug 27

The boys and I tagged along with my mother in law to visit Brenda (Dwight's sister), Craig, and kidlets in Winnipeg.  The boys had a great time playing and watching some tv with their cousins.
It was a great visit.

Aug 26

Remember the couch with the sag in it??  Well, we decided to switch that pathetic couch/loveseat with the set we had downstairs.  I had hoped to buy a new leather set for upstairs by now, but we realized that's not gonna happen for a long while.  (unless of course we win the lottery this week lol)
I'm really glad we switched, this set looks soooo much nicer up here.  Only problem, the big tv is downstairs so I bought some foam to cover the sag couch so we can still curl up and watch a good movie down there.

Aug 25

A vodka cooler.  It was actually really good. (Just don't like drinking out of a can)

Aug 24

Milo loves to sleep on our bed.  However, we usually have the ceiling fan on and Milo doesn't like that so he nestles himself into/under our blanket.