Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21

The baby birds are getting sooo big.  Don't know how all 4 of them fit in there.

May 20

Spent the day at my sisters.   Colby wanted to take this little cutie home.

 Boys goofing off at the playground.

 My gorgeous niece Ashley!

 Shaylin, flying down the slide.  Most of my pictures of her are about 2 seconds too late. lol

 Carter looking down at me.

Group shoot!!  Aren't they cute?

May 19

Zucchini pizza!!  yummo.  Even with the pillsbury pizza crust this is a healthy pizza.
Pilsbury pizza dough - press into pan and brush with a bit of olive oil
crush 1 clove of garlic and spread on top
Toppings (in order) are: onion, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoe
Mix 1 tbsp italian seasoning into your choice of cheese and spread on top (I used mild chedder and parmesan)
Bake at 350F until crispy
We also had a fire in the evening.  The boys have been waiting!! 

May 18

JUMBO marshmallows!!!  Seriously, they are the size of Carter's fist.  And of course, makes him very very happy. 

May 17

Mamma got a new chair and hopefully my butt spends some quality time in it this summer.

MAy 16

The boys have discovered to wear headsets while watching minecraft videos.  Makes me happy.  :)

May 15

Colby's teacher made her class healthy smoothies.  Colby loved it and went grocery shopping with me so we could make them at home.  Ingredients are: avacado, kiwi, banana, frozen yogurt, ground flax, protein powder, milk, and spinach.  It's actually really good.

May 14

Can't wait to get this baby into the water again!

May 13

Mothers Day.  The boys were so excite to give me my 'presents' they made at school. 
Sorry, forgot to rotate it.  ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12

Stupid pen!!  Within an hour of starting my shift too.  Soaked right down to the boob. lol

May 11

The eggs have hatched!

May 10

These  boys LOVE to draw and write.  Carter even made a book.  Silly Kittins.

May 9

The boys are going through their toys, deciding what to keep and what to sell.  It's as painful for me as for them.  lol

May 8

Finished canvas.  I love it!

May 7

My house.  We would love to redo the brick and siding so we've been looking at other houses to see how they've been done.  Don't think it'll happen in the too near future but someday...

May 6

A silly robin made a nest under my deck!

May 5

My niece Jessica was married today.  This is my niece Shaylin as flowergirl.  It was a beautiful wedding.

May 4

While I  had to work Friday night Dwight took the boys to see The Avengers in 3D.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3

I often find this note stuck to my wallet.  The last note said "borrowed" so I sent him an email with the definition of borrow.  Today is says 'took'.  LOL

May 2

Best money I ever spent after Milo joining the family.  He uses his door hundreds of times a day!

May 1

Dwight bought a new van for his business.  I asked him if we could sell one or two of the other vehicles we have collecting dust on the driveway.  So my old van is up for sale.  It runs great but not really worth much so we're thinking of donating it to Teen Challenge.

Apr 30

Finished reading Sarah's Key last week and I'm dying to get started on this one.  BUT, I first need to get my house in order.

Apr 29

The boys saw this rainbow after the rain and wanted a picture.  Within 5 mins of taking it, the rainbow was gone.

Apr 28

In pj's, playing minecraft.

Apr 27

oops, got nothing

Apr 26

My crocs are my inside 'slippers'.  Everytime I go looking for them, this is how I find them.  (if I find them)

Apr 25

Canvas I'm working on for my niece.  This is the beginning, working it out from my brain to canvas stage.

Apr 24

Aftermath of a successful scrapday!

Apr 23

Carter's room.  There is always duct tape stuck to the floor and a pair of scissors laying around.  Along with stuffies, dirty (and often clean) clothes, blankets, toys, pencil shavings.....