Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec 31 - I DID IT!!

Woohoo!!  I did it!  I made it 366 days!!  I almost gave up several times, but so glad I didn't!!  Woohoo!!  Maybe I should start a weightloss blog so that I'd actually stick to the weightloss....Nah!
Last supper of 2012!  I worked until 6:15pm and it was a crazy busy day!!  Dwight called to see if I'd pick up pizza and chicken for supper!  Great idea!

It was great sharing this year with you.  Well, the 5 of you that followed my blog anyway.  Thanks for making me stick with it and checking it out and being patient with me when it took awhile to update.   But I am done!   I won't be doing this again for 2013, maybe the year after.  With my new camera I may upload some cool shots, if I get any.

Dec 30

Christmas with the Froese's.  They boys got a money safe.  Coolest thing!

Dec 29

Made some Kahlua cupcakes with Baileys/Kahlua icing.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  They are amazing!

Dec 28

Trying to kick this cold!  Maybe a shot of brandy with the tea would be the answer...

Dec 27

Oi vey!!  The crafting mess my son has going on...on my scrap table!!  Guess that's why I had it made so big.  lol

Dec 26

Daddy's boat on the left, Carters on the right.  Who's will float the best??

Looks like Carter's wins as Daddy's boat is leaking water in.  oops

Dec 25

No shortage of pictures today!!  Especially with my new camera!!
Carter with his loot!

Colby with his loot!
I think they cashed in this year!  What a great day spent at home!

Dec 24

We always open stockings on Christmas Eve.  It took the boys nearly 1/2 an hour to notice them up.  They also get a new pair of pjs to wear.

Dec 23

Christmas with the Krashels.  My sister in law Brenda, with husband Craig, hosted this year.  Their dining room was gorgeous!! 

Here's the whole family.  (Dwight & me), (Mother in law, Brenda & Craig in the back), (Dwayne, dog Teddy & Hannah on couch) and on the footstool, Carter, Jaden, Colby & Reese (L-R, B-F)

It was a great day together with family!

Dec 22

Poppycock!!!  My mother in law makes the worlds best poppycock!!  She brought over a pail full for us.  It did not last long. :(

Dec 21

Lucky Penny nailpolish.  Love it!!  And it has glitter.  :)

Dec 20

Carter posing face.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dec 19

The principal gave Dwight these chocolates for Christmas and the boys devoured them!  My all time favorite!

Dec 18

Merry Christmas to me!!  Didn't know what to take a picture of today.  My sister got me these distress markers for Christmas.  YEAH!!!

Dec 17

Eva and I were shopping in Winnipeg and came across a Sugar Mountain kiosk.  They had these tins of mints.  I thought it was hilarious!

Dec 16

Grandma made cookies for the boys to decorate.  They had a blast!
Colby's cookies.

 Carter's cookies.

Cookie monster!!

Dec 15

The boys thought it was hilarious that Milo was laying on the carpet chewing his bone, with his legs like this.

Dec 14

My sisters dog, making herself comfortable under my tree.

Dec 13

Trying this wine for our Friday night supper with my sister and her family.

Dec 12

I've got 5 of these beauties adorning my tree.  *sigh*

Dec 11

The boys felt Milo needed a stocking too.  I also got him stocking stuffers.

Dec 10

This tag is hanging on the Australians Long Flat Moscato wine bottles.

Dec 9

Out Christmas shopping and found this watch for $5.  So, momma needed it.  ;)

Dec 8

Winter wonderland!  Love the snow, not so much on the shoveling.  lol

Dec 7

A new bottle of wine to try.  Loving Moscato's!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dec 6

Carter's boat creation.  3 yop bottles stappled to the bottom to  hold it up. 

Dec 5

And the stockings are hung...

Dec 4

Finally got my tree decorated.  Turned out gorgeous!

Dec 3

I got my new scentsy warmer.  Love it!

Dec 2

The boys have their own little tree downstairs that they got to decorate.

Dec 1

I got the best mommy of the year award.  LEGO advent calendar!!

Nov 30

I'm sure it's no surprise, but Carter loves candy canes.  I bought this pack a few weeks ago for on the tree, but I said he couldn't open it.  (because once it's open he won't stop)
I noticed a slit in the box and asked Carter what happened-
Mom: "So Carter, what happened here?"
Carter: "Daddy gave me a candy cane.  He said you wouln't notice, and I told him you would!"
Smart boy he is!

Nov 29

My father is buying a necklace and some charms for my mother.  Of course, my sister and I had to pick it out for him.  lol

Nov 28

Apple cinnamon cake with caramel icing.  mmmmmmm

Nov 27

Love love love having frozen ready-to-slow-cook-meals in my freezer!

Nov 26

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  The boys ate them in 2 days.

Nov 25

Playing Monopoly with my sweetheart.

Nov 24

My  Knight's armour!!

Nov 23

Carter's crossbow.

Nov 22

Went to the thrift store today and scored some ornaments!

Nov 21

I really liked this wine.  It's a Riesling so a little on the sweet side.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nov 20

This message makes me laugh.  I have a period app that helps me track my menstral cycle.  I am far from regular so this is often popping up.  I wonder how freaked out it would make someone NOT on birth control.  LOL

Nov 19

The boys carried in groceries for me.  They didn't make it to the table, but at least they got to the kichen.  They are awesome helpers!

Nov 18

I admit it, I'm a nail polish junkie.  I LOVE painted nails.  This is my newest member of the collection, Absinthe from Avon.

Nov 17

Christmas wine.  Not bad, not great.  Won't buy it again. I bought this one with my gift card I earned when I was tested for a responsible shop, and I passed.  :0)