Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mar 24

Jam can.  A fun day of free curling for the elementary kids.  Carter had a blast, and almost got a bullseye. 

Mar 23

Whoop whoop!  Dwight passed his exam.  Never seen that boy fret like I did while he was waiting for these results.  We all knew he would pass and he is soooo relieved he's done with it.

Mar 22

Death by video!!
Eva came over and brought this DVD thinking we should do the ab workout.  3 days later and I'm still sore. 

Mar 21

The reason I can't always update my blog.  (at least, that's the excuse I'll go with)  Minecraft.  Such a simple game (and weird) but the boys love it.

Mar 20

Nothing....forgot today.  oops

Mar 19

Dwight's truck. Or should I say not his truck.  He bought it a few weeks ago and sold it now.  Doubled his money.  He loves  a deal like that!  ;)

Mar 18

We decided to hike up to the dam and the neighbours asked to join us.  It's not too far from us so it was a nice walk in some gorgeous weather.  The kids had a blast throwing rocks onto the ice trying to break it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mar 17

Momma got some new shoes for work.  Maybe now I won't feel like I'm 80 at the end of my shift.  lol

Mar 16

Homemade binoculars with a bear paws box and the wrapper from popcorn.  Unfortunately they don't work. 

Mar 15

Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce.  mmmmmm

Mar 14

What's left of the pint of strawberries after the boys got to them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mar 13

My sister was telling me about these crouton/chip things that were "really really good".  So then I was telling the girls at work about these and we decided to do some research.  We bought the Brushetta and the Asiago flavored ones and tried them.  The results...DELISH!!  Bonus, they are fairly healthy too!  No artifical junk and low in calories. 
The Asiago was my personal favorite.  ;) 

Mar 12

Scrappin' today!! 

Mar 11

I'm sharing lots of pictures for today.  We drove up to the lake to check it out.  This is at the boat launch, the boys had fun running on the "lake".  It was actually quit slushy.  Not sure how those ice shacks will come off if they wait any longer. 

Mar 10

First bike ride of the year.  Need to raise the seat.  The poor boy wiped out when he hit a patch of ice.  ouch

Mar 9

Chai Tea, soooo good.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mar 8

Self portrait.  blah.  Need that photoshop program where I can airbrush my skin and slim down those checks!!

Mar 7

Shaylin.  My very special little niece.  I wonder what she's going to do when she gets too big for the doggie door...

Mar 6

Making cookies!!

Mar 5

Carter's money pail.  Yep, he plans to fill it.  He's been working hard, doing all his chores and trying to sell stuff.  

Mar 4

Carter is on a hockey kick and wanted to find Dwight's old goalie helmut.  I guess while Dwight was busy with other stuff, Carter went digging through the hockey equipment until he found it.  Then left this note for Dwight.
"Daddy I found a goalie helmut"

Mar 3

The girls I work with are just incredible.  My boss is a bit of a jerk and likes to pick on me.  I had to work with him this weekend (Sat & Sun) so when I got to work on Friday the girls had made up a basket of encouragement notes for me.  Every time he says something stupid to me, I just need to pull out a note and remember that the girls are on my side.  So sweet.

Mar 2

My wonderful Mother in law found this map while volunteering at the thrift store.  She called us and we picked it up right away.  It's huge (just want Colby wanted), lamented (awesome bonus) and only $1.50 (just want mommy wanted).
Colby absolutely loves it!! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mar 1

I attended my first ever Room sale this morning.  It's like a garage sale but in a room instead.  Carter decided he wanted to make some money so he was going to sell some of his stuff.  I bought a hammer for $2, even got a receipt.  Do anyone need a Canada flay for $30???

Feb 29

The newest member of our family.  The little note that whited out with the flash says "My name is Sonic"  The boys were soooo excited.  (and Milo is terrified of it!)

Feb 28

After Colby moved downstairs we've been debating on what to do in Carter's room.  Carter decided he would like to turn his bunk bed into a loft bed.  So while Dwight is getting the reinforcement bars ready he has to sleep on the floor.  Carter thought he'd make a little fort for his bed. 

Feb 27

All you can see his reflective strip on his jacket.  The boys love playing outside when it's dark. 

Feb 26

Carter loves to shovel the driveway.  Hope that never changes.  (but I won't hold my breath *wink*)

Feb 25

Colby's birthday cake.  He designed it and decorated it himself.  (I just smeared the green icing on for him)

Feb 24

Marshmallows.  Yep, marshmallows. 
A fun trick he learned from his father!! 
Then you blow them out. 
Then the dog eats them. 
The boys laugh so hard whenever Carter does this.