Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb 23


Feb 22

I forgot to take a picture so I'll use this one I took on Saturday.  My niece playing 'piano' on my ipad.  She loved it. 

Feb 21

Colby's new room.  I painted all the furniture to match.  (which took way longer than I thought) 
I "just" have to paint on the design he drew, put up the map, and get curtains.  Then we are done!

Feb 20

Happy 9th Birthday Colby!!  He got a netbook.  Soo excited.

Feb 19

We went to Boston Pizza for supper to celebrate this boys' birthday (and mine).  The waitresses sang to Colby and he got a special dessert.  He was soooooo embarrassed.  hehe

Feb 18

I always wanted a spring birthday.  I can't believe how little snow we've had this year. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feb 17

22lbs of ground beef = 3 lasagna, 2 enchiladas, 18 cups of chili, 6 cups of taco meat, 12 cups of just plain browned meat, and a very tired me!!  But, I now have meals started for days I work.

Feb 16

Taco salad? Carter's version anyway.  lol

Feb 15

Found this awesome wardrobe for Colby's room.  Last piece of furniture, yeah!  Now, just gotta paint it.

Feb 14

See the nice white cart with shelves?  You know, the EMPTY one.  That is where the lego bins are supposed to be.  *sigh*

Feb 13

Carter and Colby testing out Carter's helmet.  Boys!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 12

The boys were watching American Restoration before bed.  They love that show!  This episode was a re-run of a '57 chevy getting redone.

Feb 11

Tried a new recipe I found on pinterest.  No bake oatmeal cookies.  Everyone loved them except Carter.  He gaged.  Someday he'll eat more than just alphaghetti's, right???  The cookies were super easy to make too.  Gotta love that!

Feb 10

Two for today.   This is what we did with the heart crayons.  There wasn't enough for Colby's class too so he decided to do bought cards instead of just making 12 more.  So we have 10 extra heart crayons.  Oh well.

Feb 9

My ipod shuffle.  Love it.  Keeps me company while cleaning at the law office and the music I have on there is upbeat and helps motivate me.  Use it on the treadmill too. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 8

Ready to join the police force with his fancy gas mask made with a candy container and juice cup!!  He's very creative.  (and yes, this photo is taken a different day.  He just loves to wear the same clothes for a week straight)

Feb 7

A note from Carter.  After he reads his home reading book I have to inital (anishol) it in his book.  Too cute!

Feb 6

Crayon hearts for Valentines this year.  The boys had fun melting the crayons to make these.  (and we only set off the smoke alarm once! lol)

Feb 5

Love these moments!

Feb 4

Milo.  Looks like he's had a rough day.  NOT!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Feb 3

Made this for Colby's new room.  Carter wants one too so back to the hardware store I go!

Feb 2

Crazy dog!  He can eat his smaller food by his food dish, but when he eats the big chunks (special food from the vet for his teeth) he has to eat on the carpet.  Usually it's on the stairs like here, but he also likes to go down the hall towards the living room to eat there.  Wierd!

Feb 1

Wow, I made it through my first month.  I have to say, this would be easier if I had an iphone to instantly upload my photos.  Oh well, so it goes!
The neighbour girl was over playing and she likes to do crafts with Carter.  I set the bin out for them and let them at it.  I needed to make supper.  When the neighbour left, Carter came to me with this present.  He was sooo cute (but of course I coudln't take a pic of him.  Boys!).  They had made necklaces for their mom's because they knew we loved jewelry.  Too cute.  I especially love the little splash of color on the necklace!