Sunday, April 22, 2012

Apr 22

Sorry!! 10 days since my last post, or has it been 12?  yikes
Here's Carter's fort.  He loves his loft bed for this reason.

Apr 21

My sister made Magic Bars for my scrap day.  They are soooo good!!

Apr 20

Trying to figure out what the boys took a picture of...

Apr 19

My big boy Colby.

Apr 18

Scentsy.  Love this so much better than candles.  Great scents and no fire.

Apr 17

Taxes.  A little bit of homemade bubbly to make it better.

Apr 16

Chai Tea, mmmmmm

Apr 15

The boys love to draw.  Today they decided to create little cubicles to draw in private.

Apr 14

Another one of Carter's creations.  A jail for Milo. 

Apr 13

Getting ready in the morning and I notice this.  Strange little dog.  lol

Apr 12

It's here.  My workbook for the Gold section of my pharmacy assistant course.  Excited yet scared.

Apr 11

The amount of duct tape we go through!!  This boy always has some kind of idea running through his head.  So creative!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apr 10

Carter and Teagan on the trampoline. 

Apr 9

Woke up to a bit of blowing snow and cold today.

Apr 8

We saw this smoke on our way to my parents house on Sunday.  We could see it from Mountain St, IN Morden and it was on the other side of HWY 23.

Apr 7


Apr 6

Easter goodies.  The boys LOVED their egg hunt.

Apr 5

Carter and Teagan (neighbour girl) saw the Gr. 2 class making Easter baskets so after school they just had to try to make their own.  I was impressed how well the baskets turned out considering they had no direction.

Apr 4

A bunny Carter made at school.  Of course he ate the candy ASAP.

Apr 3

Dog sleeping in the sun, ON the DVD player.  Crazy dog.

Apr 2

Boys playing "Age my Face" on my ipad with Dwight's pic. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1

My babies.  Avoiding me.

Mar 31

So.  Good.  !!!
Notice it's empty?  Couldn't wait to eat them after the pic.  teehee

Mar 30

Easter cakes!  The boys stayed at my parents for a sleepover Sun-Mon.  Monday is shuffle board day so the boys got to watch them play, and then eat Easter cakes.  They loved 'em and asked me to buy some while at Giant Tiger today. 
And I don't favor taking pics of Carter, he's just the willing face!!  lol

Mar 29

Beautiful rain!

Mar 28

By fluke, Dwight got to go to a Jet's game.  He was giddly like a school girl!!  Glad he had fun.  Hopefully next year we'll manage to get enough tickets for all of us to go together. 

Mar 27

My new purse from my sister!  Love it!!

Mar 26

With all the money Carter made at his "room sale" he decided to buy a bow & arrow set.  He ended up loving this compound bow.  Now he's ready for some hunting.  Or maybe just target shooting.  (Of course I had to tell him to foget everything daddy taught him about shooting and showed him the correct way.  teehee)

Mar 25

New set of wheels!!  Carter needed a new bike so inbetween curling games yesterday we zipped to Canadian Tire and got him one.  They didn't have any that were put together so we had to assemble it ourselves.  He loved helping daddy put it together.