Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 20

I cleaned out and reorganized my studio last week.  Whew, ended up a much bigger job than I thought it would, but I do love it so!!
Yeah, Dollarama made a small fortune off of me this past week.  lol

June 19

My niece, Shaylin.  I actually took this picture on Saturday while we were there.
Little stinker wanted me to take her picture but wouldn't sit still long enough. 

June 18

Colby...from Carter's point of view...

June 17

The boys found these cowboy hats at dollarama...and now they can play Indiana Jones.  lol

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 16

Spent the day at my sister's.  The kids had a blast and I got this shot of my sister while taking some pictures of the kids.

June 15

The neighbour kids were over playing.  The 4 of them decided to play piggies in the middle.

June 14

Milo loves to lay in the sand on a sunny day.  I got this picture of him through my kitchen window.

June 13

My baby loves cupcakes and had been asking me to make some again.  Rainbow bit with vanilla icing.  mmmmm so good!

June 12

A few days after Carter wrecked the birds nest he went to Dwight and asked, "Dad, did you fix the nest?"  Dwight said no and when Carter told him the nest was back, we didn't believe it.  Sure enough, another bird  has built her next in exactly the same spot.  It's a smaller nest and there are 2 eggs in it this time. 

June 11

These are my copic markers.  I have 30 out of 300 colors.  Yep, it's gonna be a while before I get the whole collection. 

June 10

The boys playing with my camera again.  I think I should teach them macro mode.  lol

Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9

The clouds this evening.  We woke up this morning (8:30am) to thunder, lighting, rain and hail!!  Rained a good part of the morning, then got sunny, hot and humid and then it rained a little in the evening again.

June 8

Some of Colby's friends were doing this at school.  Of course he was too shy to try it there so he did it at home.  Funny boy!  They both thought this was hilarious.

June 7

Our birds flew the coop a while ago and so now Carter wanted to take the nest down and wreck it.  It was tougher than he thought!

June 6

Our habitual complainer!!!  Whenever we go for a walk or bike ride these are some of the comments we're likely to hear:
-can't we go back now?
-why do we have to go so far?
-why do you have to walk so fast?
-the sun is in my eyes!!!
-it's sooooo hot!!!
-I don't want to walk to the __________!
-why can't we just take Milo on the treadmill?
and on it goes. 
So of course, the more he complains, the further we go.  hehe

June 5

We set up our gazebo on our deck again this year, and I strung some mini lights inside. 

June 4

The boys sold their DS's at the garage sale so they could upgrade to the DSi's.

June 3

My neighbour babysits a lot for me, so as a thank you we took their family and ours to Tinkertown in Winnipeg.  We actually first went to see a movie, The Lorax in 3D as it looked like it was going to rain.  When we got out of the theatre, the sky looked okay so we went to Tinkertown and enjoyed 3 full hours of rides. (and no line ups!!)  Then we went to the Olive Garden for some Italian supper.  My little boy was tired on the way home.

June 2

My sister and I had a garage sale today (in my mother-in-laws garage.  Thanks mom!!)  This is the only picture we took today and only because we're selling the table.  lol

June 1

I think our town in beautiful!!  There are huge, gorgeous trees on each side of the Highway that runs through town.  Even though it's 4 lanes, the branches still manage to touch.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 31

While setting up for the garage sale, we noticed a lot of big, beautiful Monarch butterflies.  We realized they were attracted to the lilac bush in the front yard.  There must have been 10 on there.  The butterflies were gorgeous!!  These were the best shots I got of them with Dwight's phone.

May 30

My mother-in-laws gorgeous backyard!!

May 29

Our little meathead.  :)

May 28

My sister and I went to Costco and I saw this beautiful office chair.  It is now on my wishlist.  I can totally see my butt imprints on the seat!!

May 27

My sister found this collage of pictures.  Not sure what she was planning with them...
Crazy hair!!

May 26

Love it that this little guys loves helping!  Hope he keeps it up in his teen years.  lol

May 25

Colby was "sick" today so he came with me to run errands.  One of them was stopping at daddy's school and Colby made himself at home at daddy's desk.

May 24

The boys caught daddy napping.

May 23

Milo's favorite spot for his nap.  ;)

May 22

Poor Dwight.  The boys just don't want the dirtbike, so he sold it.  Now we are looking for a quad, what they wanted in the first place.  lol