Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22

This boy has been fighting a fever since Tuesday.  Nasty, fiesty fever.  Meds work for 3 hours maybe 4 and then it comes back with a vengence.  Went to see the Dr again today.  They did a throat swab, no strep, just viral.  He has been soooo tired too, it's not like him.  Hope he cracks this soon!

July 21

Colby showing me his punching skills.  (I was just a little slow on the trigger)

July 20

Oops, got nothing for ya!

July 19

Staples of Carter's diet.  Only because I said I would never feed my kids this stuff.
*sigh* never say never!

July 18

He so badly wants to be able to drive.  10 more years sweetheart, only 10 more years.  lol

July 17

Carter.  Need I say more?

July 16

Lily Tree flower at my mother in law's.  It is gorgeous!!

July 15

Dwight's been busy buying and selling vehicles again.  His goal, make enough money to fly down south, buy an 'awesome vehicle' and drive it home. 
OR, buy one online, get it delivered to my friend Charli's house and go pick it up.  ;)

July 14

The school gave me these flowers for volunteering.  Can't believe they've survived this long.  lol

July 13

Dasani bottle on macro setting

July 12

Carter and his Irish twin Reese.  Can you believe these 2 were born on the same day??  ...almost 7 years ago...

July 11

Sittin' in the shade of the trampoline and dreaming of having some iced tea!

July 10

This stray cat hangs around our neighbourhood.  The boys sprayed it with their watergun and it ran up the tree.  Poor thing...NOT!  lol

July 9

Swimming at the beach with my sister Eva and her kids.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8

I admit, I make an awesome Ham & Corn Chowder.  mmmmmm

July 7

Melted crayon art.  2nd one is Colby's finished piece and the 3rd is Carter's.

Jul 6

Picked up my other baby from camp. 
Colby is in front with best buds Dawson and Jonas in the back. 
They too were exhausted!!

Jul 5

Spent the afternoon swimming in my sister's pool.  Carter ended up staying for the night.

Jul 4

Still a little tired...

Jul 3

Okay, I had to work 9-5:30, then I had to go grocery shopping, eat supper and be at the camp by 7pm.  So I forgot my camera.  (bad mommy I know)
Anyway, when I went to pick up Carter he was so excited he found this log and was able to keep it.  He did have another one but somebody stole it.  After telling me about his good fortune with the log, he did tell me about the other activities he did at camp.  He was dirty and exhausted!!  (best $90 I ever spent lol)

Jul 2

Dropped my babies off at Winkler Bible Camp this morning.  I don't think they could get rid of us fast enough.  lol

July 1

Happy Canada Day!!!  (no, I didn't take this pic)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 30

They say a glass a day is good for you...

June 29

Took some work home with me.  It was really good!

June 28

Another one of Carter's projects.

June 27

The boys attempting to play Mononpoly!

June 26

Can't remember if I've shared this picture before.  (I didn't take one again today, it's been a rough week)
Dwight tans so very dark every summer.  While growing up his older brother and sister used to tease him that he was adopted.  So, this picture makes me laugh!

June 25

Milo and I went for a 2 mile walk today.  He went straight to his kennel and flopped.  Funny boy.

June 24


June 23

Strawberry teeth!

June 22

no photo today  :(

June 21

Painted this in Colby's room.  He designed it.  It looks awesome!