Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oct 31

My little zombie.  Colby was also a zombie and had fun making his costume and putting it on.  But once he had the makeup on, he hated it.  Crazy kid. 
I got 'dressed up' for halloween at work too.  Painted some glitter spider webs on my eyes, black lipstick, some skull tattoos, a cape and some bangels.  A few people took my picture at work, too funny.

Oct 30

Carving pumpkins!

Oct 29

Had a terrible accident today....... 
Went into Pharmasave to look at purse's and before I knew what was happening, I was at the checkout paying for this little bit of awesomeness!!  It's so soft and is exactly what I wanted.

Oct 28

Colleen gave me a Tangerine Palm Bay to try.  Taste's like Orange Crush. 

Oct 27

Oh Mom, this will make you cringe...
Dwight's "filing".
I so hate going through this and organizing it.  *sigh*

Oct 26

I love coconut! Especially body butter coconut scented.

Oct 25

New kitchen!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Oct 24

Carter was sad only 1 appliance came in a box, but he made the best of it.  lol

Oct 23

If there is a jacket on the floor, Milo will curl up in it.  Sometimes I'll catch him trying to knock a jacket down from a chair or the lower hooks.  Silly pooch!

Oct 22

A wine I tired. Not bad, but I won't buy it again.  I turned a glass into Mennonite champaigne (added 7up) and it was much better.  ;)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oct 21

My little rednecks.  So excited to smash the old toilet.  I had to leave at this point in the photoshoot, but apparently they smashed it smitherines!

Oct 20

Goodbye oven.
Goodbye refridgerator.
Goodbye flooring.
Goodbye dishwasher (hiding from the photo)

Oct 19

Not my picture, I missed today.  But this is one of my favorite flowers, an orchid. 

Oct 18

Milo and Quill playing tug of war with the blanket. 

Oct 17

Again, the boys playing with my camera.  Or is it a ghost????

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 16

Finally took some time to try contacts.  The second trial pair worked out great. 

Oct 15

He struggled a bit with this last weeks test.  He took it on Monday (instead of the usual Friday because he was sick).  When we practised he would only get weigh and eight wrong.  He said he wasn't sure what happened when I asked why he got so many wrong.  lol 

Oct 14

Crazy dog, again.  Left my dirty laundry pile alone for 2 mins and he makes himself at home.

Oct 13

Crazy dog.  Hiding behind the curtains to catch some sun rays!

Oct 12

My sick boy!

Oct 11

Boys playing with my camera!

Oct 10

Feeding the fish.

Oct 9

Dude listening to minecraft videos.

Oct 8

My seven year old figured out if he attached this wire he could save on batteries.  Crazy kid!

Oct 7

My sister in law Brenda spending some quality time with the dogs. 

Oct 6

Love it when I catch them cuddling!

Oct 5

Woke up to this.

Oct 4

My Milo all groomed. 

Oct 3

My new job requires me to know a thing or two about wine.  I know nothing.  My boss gave me this book, per my request, to help me out.  What was I thinking??? lol

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oct 2

Chocolate wine.  Strong taste like a liquor so I didn't enjoy it straight.  Tonight I tried it over ice cream, yummmmm!

Oct 1

My car.  I love it. 

Sept 30

Milo, before his haircut.

Sept 29

Tow rope, tree, bicycle, a group of boys....

Sept 28

Tiny mini bottle of wine.  Wish all wine came in small sample size bottles.  This one I did not like.

Sept 27

My wonderful babies!

Sept 26

Carter, getting ready to do his home reading.

Sept 25

Jonas trying to teach Colby how to do a flip on the trampoline.  He did not succeed.  lol

Sept 24

Now my bras are telling me I'm getting old.  sheesh...

Sept 23

Tried this Growers cider.  Tasted good going down, but the aftertaste wasn't great.