Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 31

The desk in it's primed state.  Will paint it tomorrow to match his bed.  Got it for $30 on a local swap group on Facebook. 

Jan 30

Some after shots of his room.  It's 11 x 12 and in the basement.  (Can't believe my baby is big enough to sleep downstairs).  He designed the pattern on the floor and picked the wall colors.  I still need to paint the design he drew on the one grey wall.

Jan 29

Daddy and Carter laying down some floor tile. 

Jan 28

Basement bedroom "before" shot.  (well, after we took the ceiling tile down)  Soon to be Colby's room.

Jan 27

Enjoying some quality tv time.

Jan 26

Lovin' Super Mario Bros on the Wii.

Jan 25

My Colby.  Almost 9....

Jan 24

My display in my studio.  Some new, some old.

Jan 23

Oops, been a while. 
Carter loves goofing off when I try to take a pic of him. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jan 22

This is a 'reject'.  I thought about making this card at my class but didn't have the right ribbon.  I wanted white grosgrain and I didn't have enough.  Yes, I am that anal.  (surprise, I know)

Jan 21

My boys actually enjoy crafting so after my card class yesterday they cranked out a few bears and dressed them. 

Jan 20

I stopped at Sunnay Day on Friday to get some nuts and I noticed a bag of dried fruits.  Mango, kiwi, strawberry and pineapple.  I decided to try some.  Awesome!!  Not crazy sweet like some places.  The mango was my favorite.

Jan 19

My little Carter in his warm cozy bathrobe.  He loves going commando under it.  lol

Jan 18

Pinterest, a total user of my time.  But yet, can't stop browsing...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan 17

My dog Milo.  The grey blur.  He is totally attached to me.  I get the same "over the top" excited reaction whenever I come home.  And it doesn't matter if I've been gone 1 minute or 5 days.  Always excited.  In his excitment he has to show me something, his bone, his blanket, his chewtoy, whatever he can find while freaking out.
Apparently he paces and makes a pathetic sad sound while I'm gone.  Or so I'm told.  lol

Jan 16

Every weekend I spend a few hours cleaning my friend Avaline's Law office building.  It only takes 2 hours and I've come to really enjoy those 2 hours alone. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan 15

My wonderful husband took me to Olive Garden for a date today.  My friend (and neighbour) watched our boys for us.  It was a great day!  (The Olive Garden is 1.5 hrs from here)

Jan 14

Carter being Carter!  He discovered the screen thingie on my camera could turn so he could see himself while I took his picture.  Yeah, lots of pics for today.  ;)

Jan 13

Okay, so this isn't a picture I took.  I found it on my iPad as I was uploading the picture I took today.  Silly boys!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan 12

The boys decided to sell their wooden train set.  They want $12 for it.  Someone on a group on facebook is looking for a trainset so hopefully they like this one.

Jan 11

Today's supper.  Chili.  The boys in this house love, and I mean LOVE, chili.  They love it best on fries with a little cheese on top.

Jan 10

I'd like to introduce you to my treadmill.  Simple boy it is, but it works.  And, it doesn't sound like it'll break down when I run on it.  teehee 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 9

So, there is this whole healthy eathing thing I thought I should do with my whole healthy exercizing thing I should do.  I mean, will do.
I found this spinach smoothie recipe on pinterest (I should insert her website here but I don't remember it now.)
I was a little scared, but I've eaten worse so really, what could I lose?  Ingredients are 1 frozen banana , 1-1/2 tbsp PB (peanut butter), 1/2 cup greek yogurt (I used honey flavor as I couldn't find vanilla and I don't like the plain), 1 cup of milk and a whack of spinach.  Liquify and pour into a glass.  I must say, it was really good.  But with all that good stuff in there, I didn't want to put my body into shock so I ate an easter cream egg with it.  (yes, the damn things are out already!!  At least let me get through the Christmas chocolate first!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan 8

I've been so good with not eating very much chocolate this Christmas.  But today was a horrible day at work  (all weekend actually) so I got myself some Lindt chocolate with almonds (my fav).  This is the last bite.   mmmmmmm was it good.

Jan 7

I love my car.  I was going to take a picture of where I work today but forgot on my way in.  After work was too dark so I took a pic of what I see when I sit in my car. So happy to go home today.

Jan 6

My boys LOVE their DS's.  This is what they've been doing most of winter break.

Jan 5

Whew, survived the alien attack.  ;)  And what a fitting picture for "today".  My alien!!
I doing good with taking the pictures, not so good with blogging the pictures.  lol

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jan 4

Carter was playing with photo booth on the ipad2.  Foxy was an excellent subject!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


January 3rd. Ziplining with their stuffies.  They want to keep it up for a few days so hopefully they don't need to pee at night.  haha

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2

Because I missed day 1.  Off to a great start. lol
My ipad2 my hubby bought me for Christmas.