Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aug 23

A few months ago my niece Jessica and her husband Chris babysat my boys for me.  Well, they let the boys play Minecraft all day, so off course, the boys loved it.  Ever since then, they have been making these lists after watching minecraft videos.  I think we need to plan a playdate very soon!

Aug 22

Made some Roll Kuchen for supper but didn't have white flour.  I used whole wheat, not bad actually.

Aug 21

Even with a dishwasher, I still dislike doing the dishes.

Aug 20

Yuck!  The worst part of camping...unpacking everything.

Aug 19

The boys put on many miles on their bikes while at the campground!

Aug 18

 Camping with my family at St. Malo.
My brothers dog, Dingo.  He is soooo lazy!!

Aug 17

 Last day of swimming lessons.  Carter passed level 2.
Colby passed level 4.

Aug 16

Kids in the neighbourhood get together and play this generations version of cops and robbers.   Colby, Carter, Dawson, Teagan, Nicolas and Alayna.  Usually there are more guns laying on the table but this moment I only caught 3.

Aug 15

Carter fooling around with my camera...again.  His eyeball...upsidedown...

Aug 14

Fishing off the dock.

Aug 13

Minnewasta lake at sunset. 

Aug 12

Dwights new set of wheels.  He's very excited for his old man truck!

Aug 11

Carter came home from daycare with this very cool mohawk.

Aug 10

Took Jon and Eva and the kids boating.  We had an awesome time!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Aug 9

 Had soo much fun boating!  Carter finally went in the tube.  AND he had a blast.
Colby sliding off the boat "scuba diver" style.  We were 'parked' on the lake for a bit so they could swim.

Aug 8

Shopping with my sister and my mom.  Mom is hiding bedhind the trunk. 

Aug 7

ahhhhh, good book, overcast day (well, partly), comfy chair and some 'juice'.
The phone is merely to see who's calling and weather it's worth answering.  lol

Aug 6

Carter's new high-tops!  He has been wanting some for months and was soooo excited when we finally bought him these.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Aug 5

We picked up Jonas and headed to Brandon to visit the Reptile Gardens.  There was no great place for a picture at the Gardens so here we are eating lunch at Pizza Hut.  Don't they look sweet!!

Aug 4

What a boring picture but it was the only one I took today.  We decided to sell our bike stand as it's just too big for the space we have it in.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Aug 3

When we moved here there was a big hole right in front of our front door.  For a flower bed maybe?  I don't know.  We decided to put brick here, and somehow convinced my brother in law to put it down.  (maybe it was something in his drink, shhh, don't tell)
Anyway, fast forward a few years and the bricks have sunk a little bit.  Today I lifted them all up and have them sitting on the driveway.  Got interrupted with going out for supper, and then it was raining.
Tomorrow's job is to put them back, hopefully in the same spots.

Aug 2

 Colby's lego set.  Dino. They could not wait to put these together!
Carter's lego set.  Gold miners.

Aug 1

Goodbye Minneapolis!

July 31

 Spent the entire day at Mall of America.  Nickelodean Universe, so fun!!  Got a shot of daddy and the boys coming down the log shoot.  Colby & Carter even went on the physo crazy roller coaster and loved it.
In the evening after we were exhausted from rides and such, we went to Lego and bought the boys each one set of their choice.  Of course they picked the $100 sets.  Right before I snapped this shot, Carter was dragging the huge lego bag behind him.  It was soooo cute!!

July 30

 First stop, Minnesota Zoo.  Got there by 9am and spent the entire morning there.  It was awesome!!
 The dinosaurs were incredible, the boys LOVED it.  At the end, there were these 'prop dinos' for pictures.  I was taking a picture of Colby when I realized Carter was sticking his finger up the dino's nose.  lol
After lunch we went to Sea-life in the Mall of America.  Colby got to touch a shark!  Super excited pumped!!

July 29

ahhhhh, made it to Minneapolis, MN.
Relaxing in the 16 person hottub. 

July 28

Playing 'taco'.

July 27

Our pathetic couch.  We bought it at The Brick 8 years ago when we moved back into town.  It now has a spring out and a crator the size of my butt!  The dog loves to lie in this 'hole'.

July 26

Carter's 'curtains'.
He just loves it.

July 25

Inspired by Charli, I took some Kinky home from work.
It's not bad, like a juice box with a kick.  lol

July 24

The Outlander series. 
I've had this book sitting on my nighttable for months!
Scared to start.
Not because I think it won't be a good read (Carol recommended it, I know it'll be good!) but because if I start, I won't stop.
And there are 8 books in this series.
oy vei

July 23

I have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for 9 years now.  Loved every minute of it.  BUT, it's time to say goodbye.  I don't have the time (or energy) to put into it what I need to, to make the money I want to.  It was a hard decision but I'm happy with it.  I am seriously looking forward to spending time in MY room crafting/scrapbooking for ME!!